On Life… and Laundry

Someday, when life settles down…
I will find my three-year-old son’s sock.
I watched it fall behind the washing machine today,
And thought,
“It might as well be in Africa”
Given the amount of time
I do not have to go looking.

Little footsteps on the stairs to the basement
An exasperated sigh escapes my lips,
I’ve TOLD them not to come down here.
It’s not safe (and I’m blissfully alone)
I cram the wet and hoist the dry, and think…

Someday, when life settles down…
There won’t be this much laundry.
(Larger) footsteps will come less eagerly, and with more
Space in between.
I’ll have a brand new (smaller) washer,
And behind it I will find…

A tiny sock with dinosaurs
Dusty with layers of years.
It will take my breath away, and I will want
To hold the foot that fit inside it once, and
Kiss the cheeks that flushed with play.

So, now I’ll go and hug them tight,
Cram the chaos and hoist the joy,
Despite the mismatched sock…
The day that I’ll find its mate is a mere heartbeat away.Image


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