Through the eyes of a child…

Lately, I’ve been following the ridiculousness out of Arizona (regarding the anti-gay legislation) with a heavy heart.

I’m glad to read that it sounds as though Gov. Brewer will likely veto the measure,, but I’m disturbed to read about WHY she might. Things like concern for “jeopardizing the economy” in Arizona (see link above), as well as the measure potentially “distracting from the GOP’s election year message.”

What about the fact that the measure spits in the face of basic and undeniable human rights? Isn’t that sufficient reason for the Governor to “consider vetoing” this hateful bill? Do we really need to talk about how hate might be “bad for business”?

I’ve always been an advocate for equal rights, but I’ve become so much more passionate since becoming a mom. I want my kids to grow up without any preconceived prejudices. I want them to know that judging someone based on how they look, or who they love, or where they come from is WRONG. I want them to learn to be advocates… inclusive, loving, KIND.

Here’s the thing… children are a product of their environment. Kids are NOT born hateful, or discriminating, or judgmental. Children are born with an amazing capacity to love… but they can easily be taught to hate.

Hate can come in many forms, and it can be subtle as easily as it can be striking. It can come out blatantly, with an overheard slur, or it can be insidious, through religious or political doctrine.

When we teach our kids that somebody or some group is “less” for ANY reason, we tell them that it’s OK to discriminate. We tell them that it’s OK to segregate, to “order”, to compartmentalize PEOPLE. And this is the type of teaching that just doesn’t BELONG in the year 2014.

Haven’t we come far enough as a society to recognize that inherently, we are all the same? That we’re all deserving of the same rights, the same love, the same respect?

I showed Madeline the video linked to this post a couple of months ago. It’s important to me that my kids are exposed to love in all different forms, and in all different types of families. We talk a lot about how families may look differently, and love might look differently, but that underneath, all that matters is the LOVE.

When I showed her the video, her reaction was simple.

“So, that man loves that other man?”

I told her yes.

She said, “That’s really nice.”

And then she smiled and asked for a snack. ❤


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