A Slice of My Life… Today

So, there’s this challenge that a pal told me about that involves writing a “slice of life” on my blog every day during the month of March.  This is simultaneously exciting and exhausting to think about, given the fact that I *almost never* blog.  But, I WANT to write.  I want to make it a daily habit.  And, these are supposed to be little snippets.  So, I’ll give it a shot.  And this entry will count twice, because… well… yesterday’s didn’t happen.

We’re driving home from school.  I’ve just had a day that served to convince me that clearly I am in the wrong field, clearly I am doing something wrong.  I’m maneuvering around snow drifts and potholes and half-hearing Ben and Chloe babbling in the backseat, when I notice that Ben is jerking his head around in a very odd manner.  My heart jumps because I’m convinced that he’s seizing or has just developed Tourette’s Syndrome.  Yes, I KNOW that neither of these things was likely, but that’s just where my mind goes.  Doesn’t yours?

I ask him what he’s doing, because now it’s clear to me that as he’s thrashing his head wildly from side to side, he’s also making these bizarro guttural noises and blinking REALLY fast.  Also, occasionally he throws his hands up in the air and waves them around.  Ben ignores me, because he is 4 going on 15.  Chloe informs me that “He’s just collecting gems, Mommy.”

As usual, I am apparently on the outside of their clubhouse, looking in the window. I’m just the Momma who birthed them, not privy to their inner-workings.

We pass a deer crossing sign, and Ben bugs out as though zapped by electricity.  He goes limp in his carseat.  I look searchingly toward Chloe, who shrugs at my look of distress, takes a bite of snack and says, “That yellow sign just killed him. Just wait.  His game will restart.”

We get home and I try to get the story from Ben.  Apparently he’s playing a game he’s made up called Adventure Hunter. He’s developed it in some detail.  It can only be played in the car, and Chloe is not allowed to play with him.  There are gems and obstacles hidden in the street signs and landmarks we pass.  There are lots of ways to gain/lose lives.   It seems an awful lot like Temple Run, which Ben may or may not have access to on my iphone.  He tells me that he loves to play it because “winter’s really boring and I just want it to be done.”

Me too, my adventure hunter.


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