Some Haikus Re: Lack of Fabulousness


Holy ^&*%@#^ Hell.

Will this Season Ever End?

No More Bleachers Please.



When was I ordained

Almighty Toilet Flusher?

Flush your own damn poops.



Stupid cold outside

March in Berkshire County

Who took all my gloves?



Ate the trash again

She covets filthy napkins

Then she horfs them up.



Hits One Radio

My God My Ears are Bleeding

No more Charlie Puth.












6 thoughts on “Some Haikus Re: Lack of Fabulousness

  1. lol I love how you captured your day with haikus! It sounds like it might have been a frustrating one. I have to say they made me laugh–especially your liberal use of asterisks etc. This is a great format for a slice!

  2. I laughed out loud at your haikus! Everyone of them created a connection for me except the tweenager. I looked up Charlie Puth…it could be worse, but I understand your pain. Have a relaxing, quiet, bleacher-free (maybe?) weekend.

  3. These are HILARIOUS. I don’t even know when one I love more. I related to all of them. I am so relieved basketball is over and no more bleachers! And oh yes to the ear bleeding of Charlie Puth. My teen has been on a Beatles and a Bob Marley kick lately, and it really is the best.

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